Available in 3 Sizes (Twin/Queen/King)

Made using a unique jacquard weave technique, this throw blanket offers more durability while being soft and breathable. It features a beautiful design making it a great choice for anyone that wants to be more innovative with the look of their homes décor.


We were tired of settling between style and comfort every time we went shopping for a new blanket which is why we decided that it time that the people got what they wanted. We at Kingole set out on a mission to bring our customer fabulous and comfortable throw blankets that offer just the right balance of luxurious softness and jaw-dropping beauty that would make them the target of everyone’s envy.
Our fleece throw blanket is ideal for anyone that wants a stylish and classy blanket to keep them warm while they take a nap, relax on their sofa or even when going on a road trip. Simply snuggle up to this fleece throw blanket to enjoy comfort and warmth throughout the year.



We use a time consuming and labor intensive Jacquard Weaving process that results in a more stable, stretchable and flexible throw blanket that’s both gentle on the skin and breathable to create a truly luxurious combination of style and comfort.



STAY WARM & COMFY: Kingole fleece throw blanket is made using 350GSM of microfiber polyester that’s soft to touch, warm and light to keep your comfortable throughout the years. It’s made to last and doesn’t lose its luxurious softness even after months of use.
LIGHTWEIGHT & BREATHABLE: Unlike cotton throws, our fleece and flannel throw blanket is lighter, fluffier and softer making it ideal for use throughout the year. It’s lightweight and breathable making it ideal for use at home or on the go.
ENDLESSLY VERSATILE: Our fleece throw blanket lets you add some extra comfort to your afternoon naps and lets you stay warm while you read your book or watch your favorite shows warmly snuggled up on your sofa or couch for a fun and relaxing experience.
UPLIFT YOUR DECOR: The fabulous colors and jacquard weave pattern lets you effortlessly add a touch of luxury to your home décor. Thanks to the elegant yet fashion-forward design it adds a chic feeling to your rooms making it the perfect decoration for your sofa, couch, and bed.